FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. What is a weft?
A. A weft is strands of hair which have been sewn by machine or by sewn by hand along one edge to create a line of hair. The hand tied hair is much smaller and thinner weft than the machine weft. It is more secure because the weft had been individually made by hand which means less shedding. Also, since the weft is less bulky, it makes it flatter and less visible for more natural look. This process is not cheap because it is made by human hands and laborious.


  • Q. What is hair extension?
A. Hair extensions is a technique of adding hair that is not your own onto your own hair by means of weaving, braiding, fusion, bonding or clip-on, etc. For best results, it is normally applied by a skilled and experienced hair dresser in a salon, but many individuals have been applying it in the convenience of their own home for clip-on extensions. Helena’s Hair Care Saloon weaves the hair. We don’t
do bonding etc
  • Q. Where does human hair come from?
A. Human hair comes from many parts of the world. FUNMI HAIR is 100% human hair.


  • Q. How much hair is needed for a full head?
A. Normally for a full head of weave, you will need minimum of 2 to 3 bunches of FUNMI HAIR depending on the length of the hair. However this also, depends on how big a head, type of styles and how much hair you want will determine how many packages are needed. Funmi Hair is priced per bunch of 5 lines each.


  • Q. Is FUNMI HAIR Extensions SHED FREE?
A. All hairs either natural or extensions do shed.
Funmi Hair is NOT SHED FREE .
Hair sheds daily as part of its natural life cycle.When wearing hair extensions, your hair will shed in exactly the same way as it does when you’re not wearing them. It is essential that the extensions are separated from each other with your fingers every day, and that you brush your hair thoroughly at the scalp, as this will prevent shed hair from becoming entwined and matted at the root. If this happens it can be very difficult to untangle.
NEVER USE BLADE TO CUT THE THREADS ON THE WEFT .Use a professional hairdresser pair of scissors when removing weft. If you feel your hair shed is excessive after fixing please feel free to contact us.


  • Q: How long will it take to apply hair extensions?
A: This usually depends on the client’s hair and the thickness of it, but usually a full head takes 4 hours on average and a half head takes around 1-2 hours.


  • Q. Can I color my extensions?
A. Funmi Hair come in Natural Black or Natural Grey mixed (for on demand)You can color our human hair extensions because we never use any chemicals or treatment. We recommend using a Professional Stylist to do the colouring. We can colour your hair at additional charge for the service.


  • Q. Can I swim with hair extensions?
A. Yes, We do recommend that you wear a swimming cap. Chlorine and salt water can dry out the hair. After swimming, you must wash the hair thoroughly with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.


  • Q. Can I get hair samples?
A. No we don’t do FREE SAMPLES.


  • Q: How long do the hair extensions last?
A: With correct aftercare and maintenance your extension should last 2 – 6 months. Funmi Hair last you at least 1 year with proper maintenance. We have customers that have used our brand for over 10 years because they take good care of their hair.


  • Q. Will extension hair damage my own hair?
A. No, as long as it is done properly by a professional and proper hair care is followed.


  • Q. Can I re-use extension hair?
A. It is possible. Depending on how the hair is taken care of, it can be re-used. Our
hair can be reused several times PROVIDED the hair care instructions in our card is followed. We have customers that have owned FUNMI HAIR for at least 10 years.


  • Q. Do I get a special discount for distributors.
A. We have a set price for everyone. However we have a wholesale price for ourdistributors that orders in large quantity.


  • Q. Can I return my Hair .

A. We can only accept returns if the hair is still in the ORIGINAL STATE when you bought it. We will not accept used hair for any reason. This is for protection of all our customers because we cannot resell any used hair. Once the hair is used we will not take it back nor give you back the money.
We sometimes repair a damaged hair if possible at extra charges. But all cases are treated differently. We do not make refunds for money paid.


  • Q. How can I pay for my ORDER.
A. We will give you details on how and where to pay after your order. We do not accept CARD PAYMENTS online


  • Tips for keeping Hair Manageable

** Brush hair daily and frequestly using a good quality detangling brush, brush hair starting from the bottom and work your way up gradually to the top.

** Wash hair using detangling shampoo and conditioner.

** Do not use any grease, oil, oil spray/sheen to the hair.

** To maintain hair shine or lustre, use SERUM (protects hair from the enviroment, any hair loss and does not weigh the hair down).

** When weaving, do not sew on the weft – always sew under weft.

** when removing the weave do NOT cut the weft of the hair.

** you can colour hair.

** You must set hair by professional stylist.

** you can starighten hair with blow dryer and flat iron.

** Brush hair properly before swimming. (Always use a cap to protect hair from chlorine)